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June 24, 2017
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June 24, 2017
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Advices about Rhinoplasty

توصیه های قبل و بعد از عمل

Actions before rhinoplasty

  1. Do not eat any things 8 hours before surgery and avoid having heavy meals. Patients who suffer from thyroid problems or diabetes can take their tablets a with small amount of waterat the time.

2- Stop smoking and some drugs like aspirin two weeks before surgery.

3- Patients who are too anxious the night before surgery can take some weaken sedatives such as Diazepam and Chlordiazepoxide.

4- Take a shower the night before surgery.

5- Do a series of routine tests before surgery which should be checked by anesthesiologist.

6- Men who are the candidates for rhinoplasty surgery have to shave their faces.

7- Women who are the candidates for rhinoplasty surgery should not have any make-up and because the oxygen content of blood is measuring by nails , they should avoid from putting nail polish and artificial nails and also they should not carry any jewelry and metal objects.

8- Inform your surgeon and anesthesiologist if you have any history of diseases like heart disease , diabetes , bleeding and traumabefore surgery

9- contact the doctor office the day before surgery to receive the surgery details and the day of surgery be in a clinic or hospital sooner.

Actions after rhinoplasty

  1. Using a cold compress, especially in the first 24 hours is recommended.But its positive effect have been reported for 72 hours.You can use preparedcold compresses or ice packs in plastic bags.Cold compress should be placed on the face in a way that can cover cheeks , the nose and forehead.
  2. Prone position increased swelling of the face and nose. While sleeping the angle of head and body should be 30-45 degrees so for this purpose, you can use two pillows .Try to sleep supine.
  3. After the surgery due to the effect of anesthetic drugs on the digestive system do not eat any meals for 4-6 hours ‎and drink some juice andhave some light meals after this periode.you should avoid eating solid foodsin the first week after surgery.
  4. After surgery you will be prescribed medication, including antibiotics and painkillers.Antibiotic treatment is required until the end of the period but taking painkillers to every patient depends on his/her pain threshold.Some drugs such as aspirin and indomethacin and ibuprofen are banned because they increase bleeding.But the simple acetaminophen or codeine can be used.
  5. Bleeding and bruising after surgery depends on many factors which could be related to the method of surgeon or the patient.Bleeding and bruising have been minimized by modern rhinoplasty techniques and they are completely disappeared in the first week after surgery.
  6. At the end of the surgery tampon isembedded inside your nose which will be removed the day after surgery.In some cases, instead of tampons inside the nose, internal splintis embedded inside your nose which is made of the plastic and is a tube for breathingand will be removed 7-10 days after surgery.
  7. Heavy physical activity should be avoided for several weeks after surgery.
  8. There is a splint or plaster on nosein the first week so to avoid its movement you should put on some clothes with buttons or zipper in front of them andavoid wearing clothes that are drawn from the head.
  9. If you wear glasses , its use does not matter in first week when the splint is on your nose but you should not wear glasses for 6 weeks after splint removal so you can wear contact lenses or light glasses in this period.If the glasses are really lightweight, you may be able to wear them by attaching them to your forehead with a plaster to avoid putting pressure on your newly reshaped nose.
  10. Splint is usually removed a week after surgery soavoid from soaking it during this period.If you need a bath , just wash different parts of body below your neck.Once you go to the surgery to remove the plaster , you can have full bath and soak it.
  11. Sporting activities and swimming are prohibited to 6 weeks after surgery then you can gradually start exercising with light activities and less time.Heavy sports and activities that are likely to impact (like diving and skiing) are recommended 4-6 months after surgery.
  12. The nasal skin will be sensitive to direct sunlightafter surgery. So should be prevented from direct sunlight to nose skin.If you are inevitably exposed to the sun, use sunscreen.
  13. Pressure and trauma to the nose in the first month after surgery would be problematic so the arbitrary manipulation of the nose should be avoided. Having massage is permitted by your surgeon allowance.People who have allergies and sneezing frequently cantake antihistamine pills.
  14. To improve the final result and reduce complications, especially in the first 2 weeks after surgeryavoid from talking and laughing and crying too much.Also during this period , avoid eating solid foods and chewing gum and you can use a soft toothbrush.
  15. Smoking and hookah are prohibitedfor the first two weeks after the surgery because lead to increase internal and external swelling and delaytissue repair.
  16. The important note after surgery is that you should not judge early about the result because the fixing the final form of your nose needs to be passed by at least 6-12 months.Especially in fleshy nose , this period would be longer.You may also have the feeling of numbnesson the tip of the nose which is normal in the first weeks.Do not pay attention to others ideas. If you have questions or important points , ask your surgeon.