Meet Dr. Shahin Milani

Dr. Milani graduated from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran in 2002 with a diploma or specialized board in ENT surgery.

Due to the wide scope of work in the field of ENT, they chose the branch of rhinology and facial plastic to focus and thus improve the quality of work.

Dr. Milani has a history of working in various public and private hospitals and clinics in Tehran and has a history of presenting articles and lectures in educational programs.

He has succeeded in passing a facial plastic surgery course from England, and considering his work experience and performing several thousand rhinoplasty operations to date, and considering the results of each patient by the treatment team and their feedback, he is definitely one of the reliable surgeons. Are considered in this area.

Given that the acceptability and success of plastic surgery depends on the field of work, accuracy and experience and knowledge of the surgeon and the amount of expectations of the person, they try to combine and pay attention to the above three factors to provide the most beautiful and healthy result possible.